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If you don’t know your personality type, take the test here

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Rules: Find out what characters share the same personality type as you here and list the characters that you find relevant below. Then tag five friends and let them know you tagged them:


/i feel like im very polar 24/7.

I tag: vaporlion matchlightlife theladywren  thingsthatiwontfinish bytheletterc norree fuji-motion emilypress thebatmanni mallorycktaylor  


I’ve been presented with the most adoring designs and intricate personalities, I’ve been introduced to a plethora of gorgeous styles and artistic abilities I am envious of. I’ve seen my characters the way you see them, presented in your lines by your sides as you’ve taken up your weapons to fight against Sins as Magical Girls from the Sassy Sister Universe.

Thank you and thank you all for making this possible, for letting me see all your ideas and designs. Thank you so much for the tremendous support you’ve given me, for the praise and flattery and for pushing my story along as you all inspire me to keep working. Without your support, I doubt I’d be able to make it this far with my universe. Without your support, I doubt there would be any Sassy Sisters the way they are today.

So thank you all, I love all the contributions and alll the entries you’ve shown me, and my magical girls are probably just boiling over with their egos by now! It’s been a great ride and I’ve enjoyed myself so much, and I hope you have, too!

With more than 50 entries, I had to come to a conclusion and find my winners. It was hard. Really hard. So we added one extra winner and one extra honorable! With help from my judging panel we finally settled on four winning entries of the Design Yourself As A Magical Girl contest, as well as 6 honorable mentions, who will all be rewarded!

So, here we are at last;


1st Place goes to;


♡ Fighting sins by moonlight! Avoiding people by daylight! ♡

Your piece just blew us all away and was immediately running for first place; the amount of detail is astonishing and the style, composition and use of clours is just spot on. I love the dynamic between you and Chrisphie and you both look amazing. This entry truly had everything I was looking for, a kick-ass personality and bio, a beautiful and eye-catching design, and a composition that made us all impressed. 

I personally adore the way you used your own style, yet it all seemed to fit right in there in the Sassy Sisters universe, something which blew me away. The style itself of the image reminds me of a stained-glass painting. Thats my weak spot. ; - ; So thank you, thank you so much for sharing this lovely piece of work with the world and most of all: CONGRATULATIONS! ; 7 ; <3

Your prize is: one full-body, flat-shaded drawing of yourself/an OC of yours + 5 days of promotion on Petitepasserine!

2nd Place goes to:


kasiabanas:    Entry for Passerine’s contest.KindleWeapon: Needle and thread/Cuts, stabs, stitches  and ties.//    damn oh my gosh you&#8217;ve got such STYLE&#160;; ___&#160;; holy goodness this is so unique and beautiful and I just, I&#8217;m all over your art style wow! I love kindles design too ahh SO GOOD 💕  thank you so much for joining and good luck!

This might be a bit cheesy but when I first saw your entry, I had to double check if you were truly joining my competition because your technique and style is the technique and style of people I aspire to be. It’s just so professional, theres a red thread through the entire piece and it had me staring for quite a while as I took in the fact that such a talented artist was joining; and drawing my characters. I blushed quite a lot.

There is not a single thing I dislike about your entry. It’s different in the most delectable way and seeing you interpret my universe was an honor. Your piece embodies the more dramatic sides of the Sassy sisters, and I love it.So thank you ever so much and CONGRATULATIONS! ; 7 ; <3

Your prize is: one waist-up flat shaded drawing of yourself/an OC of yours + 3 days of promotions on PetitePasserine!

3rd Place goes to: 


hacuubii:    My entry for Passerine’s contest v//////v ANIMU CLEMENTINE  At first I thought I’d use Liling for this one… I thought Clementine is so cute and popular so everyone would probably draw her. I really wanted to stand out haha. but then I couldn’t get Clementine off my mind&#160;; o&#160;; I think she’s too important to me. She helps me accept my body every time I see her on my dash! instead of thinking “I’m not THAT chubby…” I think “Yeah! I’m chubby! and I’m also cute and magical like any other girl can be.” so thank you Clementine! Thank you Muri! ♥  My magical name would be “Daisy Daydream”? I think haha this is embarrassing. My sin is probably cheating on boyfriends constantly. I wanted my outfit to be more “Pajamas” than “Lingerie” since I don’t really enjoy being sexy as much as I enjoy looking innocent and cute.   I guess I could be Clem’s friend? I really hope so&#160;; o&#160;; so nervous she’s too perfect    Daisy Daydream oh my gooosh I can&#8217;t get over how original and creative all of you are with coming up with magical girl names&#160;; __&#160;; SO CUTE and oh gods THIS IS GORGEOUS&#160;; A&#160;; I&#8217;m so glad Clementine makes you feel that way ahh! you make a positively adorable magical girl and I think no matter your size or body everybody are able to make beautiful and super cute magical girls oh boy&#160;; __&#160;; &lt;3 thank you so much for joining my contest and good luck! I love the design and clementine oh BOYYYY this is so cuuute

Your entry was the sweetest of the confectionery; it had both me and my judges melting with joy. Your piece represents the magical girl genres shoujo-feeling and the happy-go-lucky sides of the Sassy Sisters; and the character you picked couldn’t have been more appropriate! I just adore this piece, the composition is simple but sweet (literally), and you two look so adorable together!

I also remember your weapon was one of the weapons I really liked, as well as the entire design of your magical girl self! So thank you so much and CONGRATULATIONS! ; 7 ; 

Your prize is: one waist-up skech of yourself/an OC of yours + 2 days of promotions on PetitePasserine!

4th place goes to:



This was one of the entries that legitimately had me gasp out loud in real life. This is exactly what I was looking for design-wise, and I just love how you’ve gone gothic as opposed to all cutesy and light, as pretty much all my own designs are; this almost makes me want to go gothic again, and thats a huge feat. ; - ; 

The eye for detail you have is just amazing, and the golden details of your design is what won all the judges over immediately. We just could not include you and your amazing piece of work! So thank you so much for joining and CONGRATULATIONS! ; 7 ; 

Your prize is: one waist-up skech of yourself/an OC of yours + 1 days of promotion on PetitePasserine!

Honorable mentions: 

There were so many amazing entries so restricting myself to 5 honorable mentions was very difficult… so we extended it to 6! In the end, I felt that these entries really portrayed what I was looking for, so congratulations to all five of you! You will each get a promotion of your blog (your chosen blog, either your art or main blog) for one day! <3

(click on the URLS to view and love their entries!)

Milliei: You’re like the powerpuff girls except even more hardcore, and with guns. What is there not to love about this? Because I love this so, so much. Congratulations! ; 7 ; 

Missgivenofucks: This entry blew me away with its composition; it’s so theatrical and full of drama and I just adore it. Congratulations! ;7 ; 

Tartkiss: SO. CUTE. ; - ; this melted all our hearts, the use of colours is amazing and the entire piece of work itself is just amazing! Congratulations! ; 7 ; 

kiyori-n: This piece is so lovely, I just love both of your expressions because it looks like you’re talking gossip about some nasty Sin on the horizon… so cute. I love it, congratulations! ; 7 ; 

yurifairy: This piece actually made me open SAI to practice composition because, well, damn that composition is GOOD. I was just amazed with this entire piece, it’s so amazing. Congratulations! ; 7 ; 

agent-lapin: This is a classic example of eye-candy deluxe, the colours are so warm and sweet I could just drown in it, and you two look so amazing together that I wish I were you??? I love it. Wow. Congratulations! ; 7 ; 

So with that, thank you all so, so much for your participation, it’s been such a fun ride and I hope you’ve enjoyed yourself! Congratulations to all of my amazing winners and honorable mentions, you all did great and I’m so proud of all the people who joined my competition!

Thank you so much for 10k followers on passerineart and 20k followers on petitepasserine, I couldn’t have done it without you! <3

(special thanks to eddie and jisa for helping me judge, you’ve been so helpful, you’re the best <3 <3 i l u)

     WOW// Thank you for those comments!-
I really enjoy when I find someone has created their own world with beautifully design characters.
     Such a fantastic contest, I personally had a obsessiveness and excitement seeing each of the designs and pieces.ugh~